How Mastery Program  graduates transform artistic dreams into professional success

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Featured Stories

These are the journeys of Mastery Program graduates who are now leading successful art careers. Meet the artists whose groundbreaking work started with our lessons. Through their stories, you will see how the program turns passion into professional triumph, at any skill level. Your chapter is next!
Meet Bianca Lever

Creating Success Through Artistic Innovation

Bianca Lever’s experience with the Mastery Program was...
2 minutes read
Meet Tanya Aubut

From Grocery Clerk to Full-Time Artist: A Story of Transformation

Tanya Aubut’s journey is a...
2 minutes read
Meet Rita Vicari

A Comprehensive Journey to Artistic Success

Rita Vicari describes the Mastery Program as the most...
2 minutes read
Bojana Jovanović
"Aloha Lahaina"

Mastery Program Graduate Contests

Each month, Mastery Program Graduates have the opportunity to participate for a chance to win up to $6,000 and display their work in the Milan Art Gallery in Sarasota, Florida.

June Contest First Place Winner:

Bojana Jovanović

"Heart of Lahaina"

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