Personal Artist Mentors

40-minute Zoom Call

Need help from a Professional Artist?

You can purchase a 40-minute, one-on-one Zoom meeting with a mentor and get all your questions answered for a one time fee of $75.
Use this call to:
  • get unstuck
  • have your work critiqued
  • troubleshoot your ideas
  • get some marketing advice
  • talk through some things that are holding you back
  • receive reassurance and encouragement
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How Does it Work?

You can choose the mentor for your meeting or we can choose one for you — your choice!

Once you have purchased your meeting, you will be contacted by your mentor via email within 48 hours. Your mentor will offer you time slots to choose from to set up your Zoom meeting.

How should I prepare for this meeting?
  • If you want a critique, have your artwork ready to share through a link you can post in the Zoom chat
  • Write down some questions or topics you want feedback on
  • Be willing to be open and honest with your struggles so that your trained mentor can help you

Remember every one of our mentors has probably been in your shoes at some point!


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Meet Your Mentors


Zybrena Porter

Milan Art Mentor

Zybrena has been in love with the arts for as long as she can remember. As a mixed media oil artist, she draws inspiration from her own story as well as the stories of other women she’s come to admire. Zybrena’s driving force in creating her art is her unceasing desire to challenge viewers to see their inherent value and pursue their passions. As a mentor, she seeks to provide that same opportunity to aspiring artists around the globe. 


Rita Vicari

Milan Art Mentor

Rita has been creating as long as she remembers. Her art took different forms – from poetry and dance choreography she found her way to painting. Rita graduated the Mastery program in 2019 and has been a professional artist since. As a mentor Rita tries to find a unique approach to each student helping them to uncover all the possibilities and abilities each one of them holds. Encouraging and supporting along the way but going to the core of each student’s voice Rita helps students to find unique ideas and ways to execute them.


Melissa Burghardt

Milan Art Mentor

Melissa Burghardt is a professional artist from the Netherlands and has been developing her style since she graduated in 2019 at the Milan Art Institute. She firmly believes that it is important to jump before you are ready, moving to new levels will always feel a bit scary. As a mentor she has a lot of patience, nothing is too crazy, and she believes that everyone has the strength to succeed.

‘We can help you build your skills and grow your mindset. Every person has its own beautiful voice, we just need to find it.’
Asia DeVore

Milan Art Mentor

Asia has been expressing herself through art from a young age and attended the Milan Art Institute, on-site, in 2017 where she was introduced to a new world of creative freedom and skill that ignited her burning passion to create full-time. Asia's work conveys a duality of light and dark, raw and refined, striking and soft aesthetic that invites the viewer into a captivating and intentional moment of self-reflection. To communicate her visions, Asia uses a mixed media approach, utilizing an array of mark-making, drips, and brushstrokes to project the atmospheric energy before refining her work with oil paint. Asia's studio is located in the greater Phoenix area and her goal as a mentor is to empower other artists to realize their true voice, in confidence, to bravely share their unique perspective on canvas in faith that the rare offerings will assuredly change the world one painting at a time.


Brie Bordeaux

Milan Art Mentor

Brie has been exploring the creative arts her whole life. Never wanting to be confined to one thing she kept searching for who she was and what she could show the world. It’s through the Art of Mixed Media that she found her true identity, a place where she can be completely herself and free from any boundaries or limitations. Her art is a mix of abstract realism, urban pop art and a bit of fiery emotions all mixed into one. As a Mentor Brie is determined to help her students find their truest selves and bring their creative passions to life!


Casey Wakefield

Milan Art Mentor

Casey Wakefield completed the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program in 2018. While enrolled in the program, she fell in love with the creative process and abstract paintings. During that time, she found her voice and now creates color impressions in abstract form through contemplative transformation of color, drips, and marks onto canvas with mixed media and oil.

As a mentor, Casey enjoys sharing her experiences, tips, and encouraging students to accomplish their goals and dreams of becoming a professional artist.
John Milan (AKA DJ Freezy J)

Milan Art Mentor

John Milan has been a professional artist for the past 25+ years, also co-founder of the Milan Art Institute. John enjoys many aspects of art and sales. John encourages others to find their unique process, and style in art, creatively. He can answer most questions fully with vast knowledge and years behind the paintbrush. John has been coaching and mentoring artists for the past two years with true & meaningful results. He is encouraging, yet down to business.


Heylie Morris

Milan Art Mentor

Heylie is a professional artist living & working in Victoria, Australia selling artwork worldwide for 7 years. After completing the program in 2020 she opened up her own studio art gallery in the heart of her hometown. Her work is best described as “Dancing the line between abstract & realism”. With a passion for teaching & learning, she wants to help you find your place in the art world & is a firm believer in sharing all her knowledge, tips & tricks along the way!

‘I want to help aspiring artists find their true artistic style, voice & authentic self’


Ritika Aurora

Milan Art Mentor

Ritika Aurora is a fearless artist and her art is a vehicle to form meaningful connections. She wishes to inspire people to take the plunge into unforeseen lands of the destiny god has planned for them . Her art talks about themes of freedom, self actualization and authenticity. She wishes to bring out the extraordinary from the ordinary.
Heather Bailey

Milan Art Mentor

Heather Bailey is a creative powerhouse. She is a full-time professional artist, a patented inventor, and a mother of three. With an extensive career in surface design and product design since 2000, Heather joined the on-site Mastery Program in 2017 to expand her creative arena into fine-art painting. Heather’s enthusiasm for art is contagious. As a mentor, Heather offers thoughtful, precise feedback and well-grounded, real-world advice for building a thriving career in the arts. She is eager to bolster you with love, moral support, and a clear path forward as you embrace this life-changing program, and achieve your dream.
Rachel Doring

Milan Art Mentor

Rachel is a professional artist living and working in Western Australia. She is passionate about transformation and personal growth. Inspiring her students to push beyond the brush, helping them extract the very best of what’s inside them. As a former graduate of the Mastery program , Rachel can encourage and support you on your own journey to find your unique style and voice.

“Art to me is the visual voice of the spirit within us. Interrupting the unseen into substance “


Dafni Milan

Milan Art Mentor

Dafni Milan Lynde has been a mentor for 2 years. She grew up surrounded by artists and has always appreciated the community aspect of being an artist. Dafni is a professional artist herself and has been selling her work for the past 5 years. She values freedom, individuality, and independence, while still believing it is important to grow and learn from one another. With her mentoring, she pushes you to be your best self while allowing you to develop and grow naturally.


Briana Hume

Milan Art Mentor

A lifelong art-fanatic, Briana has spent years honing her skills and, after graduating the Mastery Program in 2020, has become a full-time professional artist. Briana’s artistic style is full of symbolic imagery, combining refined portraiture with abstract elements. She is passionate about connecting with people on an emotional level and inspiring them to pursue their own unique and beautiful visions. She warmly believes that everyone has something incredible to share and only needs to find the courage and dedication in order to be able to share it with the world. Briana deeply enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and firmly believes that anyone with enough passion, diligence and openness can successfully pursue their dreams.


Eva Bratopoulou

Milan Art Mentor

Eva Bratopoulou is a professional artist living and working on Spetses island in Greece.
Her artwork feels mysterious, magical, feminine, and dreamy with a spiritual sense.
In 2019 she graduated from the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program.

She has a growth mindset, she believes in continuous learning and she is seeking nonstop new knowledge and skills that she wants to share with her students.
Since 2011 Eva has participated in 25 collective art exhibitions and has presented 6 solo exhibitions. Collectors from all over the country and abroad have bought her artworks.

“I wish to inspire people to discover their inner truth, to sink into their deepest thoughts and feelings, to say “Yes” to their destiny, and reach their full potential in order to live a life full of wonders. I would be honored to walk this magical Art journey together!”


Nicolette van den Hadelkamp

Milan Art Mentor

Nicolette is an artist living in the Netherlands. After some experiences and lessons about love and herself, she felt exhausted from life. Nicolette started elevating herself, giving up everything that weighs her down. That is where she found her way back to art. Nicolette is passionate about expressing her strength, softness, and healing experiences in her art, to inspire others to see their own potential and strength. As a Mentor, she is just as passionate about guiding students on their journey to unveil their potential and purpose in art and life.
Roxanne Bryan

Milan Art Mentor

Roxanne was born and raised in Arizona, a state full of sunshine and warmth with diverse cultures and people. Roxanne has been pursuing art for the last 10 years, and now participates in art shows all throughout the valley. She loves to travel around her home state, country, and even internationally. Currently, Roxanne is mentoring artists through the Milan Art Institute. Roxanne prides herself in being an encouraging, super positive cheerleader to her students.


Nicole Powell

Milan Art Mentor

Nicole Powell has been a professional artist for two years, and is eager to share her knowledge and experience with the students of the Milan Art Institute! When she began the program she had no knowledge of painting, and knows what it is like to start from the very beginning. As a Mentor, she focuses on encouragement and information. Her art focuses on showing the beauty that is often overlooked in our natural world.


Tanya Aubut

Milan Art Mentor

Tanya is a french-Canadian based artist. From a young age, she was initiated into art and always loved creating. She graduated from the online Mastery Program in December of 2020 and has been a professional artist since then. Tanya's creative process is mainly focused on mixed media techniques. With her work, she wants to make you feel powerful and limitless when it comes to being your true self. As a Mentor, Tanya wants to encourage artists to push their limits and experiment as much as possible to discover their unique voice! She enjoys connecting with people, sharing experiences, and helping them during their life-changing art journey.
Abby Bradford

Milan Art Mentor

Mixed media artist Abby Bradford who graduated from the program in 2019 brings each painting to life with lots of texture, bold brush strokes, and vibrant colors. She lets each painting evolve into what it wants to be letting her imagination take over. Abby is seeking transformation within one’s self to go out and change the world, having her collectors feel a sense of empowerment and confidence to be themselves completely.

“As a Mentor, I encourage my students to always be themselves and not be afraid of expressing that through art and to the world. I love giving that extra push when needed and providing helpful tips, feedback, and support.”


Ceci Wehncke

Milan Art Mentor

Ceci is a professional artist, her art studio is located in Guatemala City. She loves the opportunity she has to touch Lives through her art, expressing real feelings, and transparency. Ceci graduated from Milan Art institute in 2019. Being able to support students in their own art journey has been an amazing experience.

“I really enjoy walking by their side and helping them find their unique voice and style.”