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Our Proven Process

We’ve perfected our process with over 2,500 students worldwide. This program can turn anyone into a professional artist in just one year. You will become proficient in oil painting, drawing, and mixed media techniques through our immersive learning process combining old master’s methods and modern techniques.

Develop Your Skills

Become proficient in Oil Painting, Drawing, and a variety of mixed media techniques so you can create whatever you want without limitations.


Find Your Artistic Voice

We’ll show you how to find your unique story and share it through your art with visual excellence.


Establish Your Style

Follow our proprietary framework and discover how to express your voice by combining your art process with your voice.


Build Your Brand as an Artist

Uncover the secrets behind creating a long-term career as an artist from professionals


Implement Your Marketing Strategy

Put the plans that we’ve developed through years of experience into motion for your art business and start reaping the rewards.


Promote Your Artwork

Cut the fluff and learn exactly what you need to know to start getting your art in front of the eyes of collectors who want to buy your art. 


Connect with Your Community

You’re not alone in this. Share this experience with over 2,500 artists who’ve gone through the program before you and can help guide you.

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Learn at Your Own Pace

Designed to be completed in 1 year, but flexible to fit your schedule
Part 1 - Drawing & Oil Painting

Unleash Your Creativity

It all starts with developing your skill. You’ll learn everything you need to know to master realism by developing your oil painting and drawing skills first. In fact, during the very first week of the program you’ll create a painting you never thought you’d be able to create. And it only gets better from there. The lessons are strategically designed to compound your skills as an artist so quickly you’ll be blown away.

Part 1 - Weekly Syllabus
  1. Contour Drawing & Subtractive Glaze Painting

  2. Value, Scale & Indirect Painting

  3. Proportion, Planes & 8 Brush Stroke Portrait

  4. Still Life Drawing in Graphite & Alla Prima Still Life

  5. Break

  6. Gesture Drawing & Fat Over Lean

  7. Perspective & Subtractive City - Learn the Secrets of the Renaissance

  8. Portrait Proportions & Alla Prima Life Painting

  9. Small Scale Realism - Learn to See like an Artist

  10. Break

  11. Mark Making & Directional Marks - Experience the Freedom of Expression

  12. Foreshortening & Alla Prima from Source

  13. Self Portrait - Learn the Psychology of Seeing Your True Self

  14. Expressive Drawing & Summary Final Assignment

  15. Break

  16. Break

Part 2 - Weekly Syllabus
17. Acrylic Painting & Art History - Discover Your Place Among the Greats

18. Ink & Identifying Your Personal Aesthetic

19. Mark Making & Archetypes - Create Themes and Motifs in Your Work

20. Spray Paint & Your Process - Learn the Process Authentic to You

21. Collage & How to Synthesize - Learn the 4 Phases of the Creative Cycle

22. Break

23. Break

24. Painting an Abstract & Critique - Discover Dimensions Previously Unknown

25. Rollers & Source Material

26. Gold Leaf & Choosing a Source

27. Elli's Mixed Media Process & Creating Sources

28. Dimitra's Mixed Media Process & Integrating Source Material into Your Voice

29. Break

30. Break
Part 2 - Mixed Media, Personal Aesthetic & Voice

Discover Your Unique Voice

Now that you’ve developed the necessary skills to create realistically, it’s time to learn how to express yourself with your art. You’ll develop an artistic vocabulary that utilizes a wide variety of mixed media techniques, many only found in the Mastery Program. This part of the program is where you get to know yourself better than ever before. If they haven’t already, your friends and family will start to notice the shift in you and compliment you. Your confidence will start to shine as your voice becomes more refined.

Part 3 - Portfolio Creation & Branding

Create Your Portfolio of 30 Paintings

You’ve dreamed for years of creating a cohesive portfolio of artwork and now is the time. Every fiber of your being will shout with joy after you’ve made your 30 pieces that truly encapsulate your unique story. The best part is that you won’t have toiled over them. Because you’ve already found your process that works for your temperament and is designed just for you, you’ll enjoy the entire process and have FUN. 

Part 3 - Weekly Syllabus
31. Studio Habits & How to Build a Portfolio

32. Artist Habits - How to be Productive in Your Workspace

33. Setting Goals & Assessing Your Portfolio - How to Build a Business Strategy

34. Emotional Intelligence & Final Touches - Become More Self-Aware and Succeed

35. Motivation & Prepare for Your Production Period - Become a Prolific Painter

36. Break

37. Through to week 42 - Independent Production & Developing Your Portfolio

38. Break

39. Through to week 42 - Independent Production & Developing Your Portfolio

40. Break

Part 4 - Weekly Syllabus
44. Start Selling Your Art

45. Getting Your Product Ready

46. Building Your Brand

47. Creating Marketing Collateral

48. Creating Your Website

49. Social Media Marketing

50. Promoting Your Product

51. Sales and Promotion

52. Launching Your Career
Part 4 - Marketing, Galleries & Launching Your Career

Sell Your Art & Become a Professional

Your art is amazing and it’s time for the world to see it, love it and buy it. We’re about to teach you the industry secrets that have allowed countless artists turn their passion for art into a professional. You’ll learn how to create an irresistible brand for collectors, build a high-converting website, amplify your message with social media and so much more. 

Is the Mastery Program Right for You?

Reasons You Should NOT take the Mastery Program:

  • I don’t really love to create art
  • I don’t want to sell my art
  • I’d rather work a job for the rest of my life
  • I’m not willing to put in work to improve
  • I give up easily
  • I’m not really passionate about art

Reasons You NEED to take the Mastery Program:

  • I’m very passionate about art
  • I struggle with artist block and not knowing what to paint
  • I have a difficult time selling my art
  • I’ve failed in the past with my art, but I’m open to trying a proven system for success
  • I have grit and my adversities have made me better
  • I love to paint, even if it isn’t always easy
  • I feel like I have amazing art inside my head and once I gain the right skills I’ll be able to put it onto the canvas
  • I’m a beginner and feel like I don’t know how to become successful as an artist
  • I have some experience with art, but I’m looking for something to speed up the learning process
  • I went to art school and was hoping they’d teach me how to make a living with my art, but they didn’t

Meet Your Instructors


Elli Milan

Founding Owner, Instructor

Elli is the founding owner of Milan Art Institute. For the past 25 years, she has sold her artwork professionally and has sold over 10,000 pieces throughout her career. She has also transformed the lives of thousands of artists from all over the world by helping them find their voice and turn their passion for art into a profession. With her online drawing and painting classes, Elli is a leading voice of the current
Art Renaissance.

John Milan

Co-founder, Instructor

Co-founder of Milan Art Institute, John is possibly one of the most interesting artists alive. He will share the insights he has gleaned from his 25+ years as a professional artist with you in an entertaining, yet inspiring way. He has developed many styles of art and brings them to life with vibrant color and surreal figures in his mixed media oil paintings.
DJ Freezy J is an avid teacher and traveler, currently mentoring several local and non-local artists while still traveling to various countries throughout the year.

Dimitra Milan

Co-owner, Director & Instructor

Dimitra generated over a million dollars of artwork sales by the age of 15. Her success is a result of learning at Milan Art Institute and her paintings are collected world-wide. Dimitra has expertise in digital marketing as an influencer with over 400,000 followers on social media platforms. Dimitra is pioneering a new age of artist influencers on social media, spreading beauty across the entire planet. She is passionate about equipping artists to change the world with their art.

Jake Dunn

Co-owner, Director & Instructor

With expertise in modern marketing and unique artistic skills, Jake is passionate about helping artists reach their true potential. After attending USC, he decided to become an artist and has been a professional since graduating from Milan Art Institute’s Mastery Program. He gathers inspiration from anywhere he can find and shares his insights with precision. He is a Renaissance artist, practicing multiple forms of art, including painting, music and writing.

You're probably wondering...

I’m just a beginner, is this too advanced for me?

We’ve had students who literally never picked up a brush before that have gone through the program and ended up creating masterpieces by the end, so YES, this program is made for you, too. Every section of the Mastery Program starts with understanding the fundamentals. With each lesson that you watch and assignment that you complete you’ll become more and more empowered to create art you never thought you were capable of creating before. As long as you follow the order of the lessons and complete the assignments, you’ll become a Master by the end. Your family and friends will tell you, “I never knew that you were so talented,” and hopefully you’ll share the secret of how you realized it. 

I already went to art school, why do I need to take this program?

The sad reality is that most art schools are run by professional academia, not professional artists. That’s why you spent an entire semester on anatomy, when the useful information that you actually needed for your art could’ve been taught in one lecture. Professors spend their lives studying the nuances and hyper specialize over one aspect of art and sadly you graduate without learning what you actually set out to learn: how to become a professional artist. 

Our instructors are obsessed with making a living with art. And they share with you exactly how they’ve been able to do it for themselves in this one year program. The reason we recommend you complete every lesson, even if it’s a reminder for you, is because they’re a great refresher for what you might’ve forgotten, could’ve missed, or not been taught in school. Not to mention they’re FUN! The skills you learn will compound and once you get to the mixed media section, it’s paramount that you’re on the same page because there will be new techniques that you learn in the mixed media section that are based on the oil and drawing foundations that we teach. In summary, if you already went to an art school, this program is perfect for you. 

I’ve tried other online art classes and didn’t get what I was hoping for, how do I know this won’t be the same?

We can confidently say that we know you’ll experience the success that you’re looking for, whether that’s creating beautiful paintings that you, your family, your friends are proud of, or being able to quit your job and work at art full time because you’re selling your art consistently. The reason we can claim that confidently is because we’ve had over 2,500 students take this program before you with countless success stories. 

If for any reason you don’t love the Mastery Program wholeheartedly with every fiber of your being, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing the program, no questions asked. 

So you really have nothing to lose at all. 

What if I’m not ready to commit to a whole year?

The beauty of the Mastery Program is that you can learn at whatever pace you want to set. At the end of the day, this is your program, so if you want to take the program over the course of two years, you’re welcome to. Likewise, if you want to take the program in just 4 months, you rock! The program is designed to be completed over the course of a year, so if you follow the curriculum, by this time next year you’ll have an entire portfolio of beautiful art that’s more beautiful than you’re even capable of dreaming of right now. Imagine that. Seriously. Picture how good it’ll feel to have that entire portfolio created. Several of your pieces will already have sold. It’s an incredible feeling and we can’t wait for you to experience it. 

How do I know I'll sell my art?

We have a proven process that’s worked for countless artists that have taken the program before you. Even if you can’t draw a stick figure and don’t know how to sell anything, we’ll teach you from start to finish everything you need to know. In order for the program to work, though, you have to work, too. 

What if I only need to learn part of the program (i.e. marketing)

The Mastery Program was carefully and meticulously designed to optimize an artist’s success. Skipping to the end might be tempting, especially if you’ve been an artist for a while and have even been selling your work, but marketing alone is not enough for achieving long-term success.Regardless of your skill or experience level, we’re confident that the harmony of all sections of The Mastery Program will lead to the greatest possible success for you in your art career. Don’t short-change yourself! While our Marketing section is invaluable, it is not the most valuable in considering the whole of your dream to become a professional artist. The entirety of the Mastery Program being needed for the best possible results in your career simply cannot be overstated. This is truly the investment of a lifetime.

What if I don’t want to become a professional, I just want to get good at painting?

Lucky for you, you’re about to get so good at painting that people will be asking you how to buy your art. And you won’t really have a choice, but to sell it to them because it’s going to mean so much to them and could even change their life. If you’re sitting on a pile of money already and don’t have the pressure or desire to sell your art, that’s great. During the Mastery Program your skills will skyrocket and you’ll be able to paint anything that you want, so this really is a no-brainer.

I wasn’t born with talent, how can I be successful when I know so many talented artists and am following so many on social media?

The problem with social media today is that it glorifies success without showing you the hard work that people put in to get where they’re at. Each of those incredible artists that you follow most likely spent years trying to hone their process and eventually developed their style. You honestly can consider yourself blessed because your new instructors have already toiled and spent years figuring out the key to success for artists and now they’re sharing that with you. That means that you don’t have to spend nearly as long to get to where you want to be. Just imagine, a year from now you’ll have made an entire portfolio of 30 paintings that will impress your friends, family and entire network.

The secret that most artists don’t want you to know is that talent doesn’t matter. Sure, some people are born with a greater aptitude than others, but every single person has to put in their time and energy to become a great artist. The same applies to you, we’ve just made it easier for you by providing you with step by step instructions. 

Our Student's Work - The Results Say It All


Our Commitment to You

We help you every step of the way until you become a professional artist (and after, too).


What's Included?

  • Learn how to have a prosperous career in art from a revolutionary art curriculum
  • Over 100 hours of no-fluff, straightforward learning
  • Professional techniques for growing a social media presence
  • Become proficient and confident in a variety of mixed-media techniques
  • Learn classical oil painting and drawing master’s techniques
  • Curated exercises to help you discover your voice as an artist
  • Connect with a thriving community of artists that want to see you succeed
  • Lifetime access to all current and future content immediately
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
12-Month Payment Plan


Becomes available on December 1st, 2023
Instant Full Access


1 payment (save $360)

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Waitlist members get access to an exclusive Mastery Program Prep Course that teaches you how to build an easel (for professionals), how to set up your studio, what art supplies you should use, how to develop your creativity and more. You'll also receive valuable emails that will help you start your art career.

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Mastery Student Mentoring

Fast-track Your Success with a Personal Mentor

Save time and errors

Our mentors have been where you are and where you want to be. Don’t waste unnecessary time making mistakes when you can learn from someone who’s already made them for you.

Get next-level accountability

You might already have an idea of where to go with your art—and if not, that’s okay, too—but you need the sort of accountability that you only get when you pay someone for it. With Art Club Pro, you’re tapping into a strong support system that will ensure you achieve your goals.

Fast-track your success

They say it’s all about whom you know, and while you certainly can achieve whatever you set your mind to, it helps to have some friends who’ve been there before. Start connecting with the right people.

Personalized critiques 

Don’t understand why you aren’t getting your proportions right? Having a hard time mixing colors? Want to know the best art supplies to buy? Want to know how to sell more art? Our mentors are there to help you with all these questions and more, with answers you can count on.

Your Straightforward Plan

The Mastery Program is incredibly straightforward, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cakewalk. Yes, you will save years of toiling your life trying to figure out on your own what we teach in this program, but even when you take the Mastery Program, you still have to put in the work.
Just as a reminder, here’s our proven process, again: 

Develop Your Skills
 Find Your Artistic Voice
 Establish Your Style
 Build Your Brand as an Artist
 Implement Your Marketing Strategy
 Promote Your Artwork
→ Connect with Your Community

Social Learning

You Aren't Alone in This.

We've created the ultimate learning experience for our Mastery Program students. You can watch lessons and share your assignments with fellow students all over the world. When you sign up for the Mastery Program you get valuable support through our social learning platform created for artists and art collectors, Art Social.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect after sign up?

Immediately following registration, you will receive a welcome email with important information, including the following: a video lesson explaining the art supplies you’ll need for the program, a video lesson explaining how to prepare your studio, a syllabus for the entire year, and a written list of all the art supplies you’ll need. 

These orientation videos will help prepare you for the lessons you’ll receive each week starting 7 days after you register. Each week you’ll learn specific techniques with exercises to help you develop your art skills. Mark this date on your calendar as it’s the start of an amazing journey to becoming the artist you’ve always dreamed of.

In addition, you'll be offered an orientation call with one of our mentors so you can get your questions answered personally.

What art supplies do I need and how much will it cost?

You will need drawing, oil painting, and mixed media supplies to learn and start your new career. You can supply lists for each part of the program here.

This list shares both the required and optional supplies you’ll need for the program. The minimum cost for the whole year will be around $75 for drawing supplies, $400 for oil supplies, $300 for mixed media supplies and $400 for paper and canvases. You can buy supplies as you need them throughout the program or purchase one of our kits to save you time and money. Once you join the Waitlist, we'll send you a 10% discount on the Mastery Program Kit.

You will need drawing and oil supplies for the first 4 months of the program. Mixed media supplies will be needed after that and for the remainder of the year. These supplies will last you throughout the whole program and into the start of your career.

Why should I have a personal mentor?

 A personal mentor is an amazing resource of support and guidance throughout the program. While your family members may be supportive and encouraging about your artwork, you need constructive criticism to evolve as an artist—to be pushed beyond your current boundaries. Our mentors have years of experience as professional artists and know how to guide you towards success.

NOTE: Mentoring is an additional charge available. Our mentors are professional artists who have experience in the art industry and working with students from the Mastery Program. 

What qualifications or experience is required?

We only require hard work, commitment, and passion.

We do not require any previous experience or skill. We also do not require a portfolio submission. We know that we can take you from a beginner level to creating a sellable portfolio of your own, creating your brand, and launching your art career within one year.

Can I choose a personal mentor?

You have the option to request a specific mentor if they still have available spots. However, we will typically assign a mentor to you based on your needs. All mentors on the team are professional artists who currently sell their work and have all completed the Mastery Program. They are all very dedicated and experienced. Our mentors have been hand-picked by Elli and Dimitra Milan.

How long do I have to access the video lessons?

You'll have lifetime access to all lessons once you've paid for the program in full (regardless of which payment option you've chosen). 

What if I feel like quitting at some point in the program?

There is no contract or commitment when you sign up for the Mastery Program and you are under no obligation to continue. We also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you sign up and decide to change your mind for any reason.

How much studio space do I need?

At a minimum, you will need table space (6-8 sq. ft. minimum), a dresser or cabinet for art supplies, and an empty wall to lean your easel against, or floor space for your painting easel. Once you start your art business, you may want to designate more space for your production area. 

In the Mastery Program (and in the Waitlist), you'll learn how to set up your studio for success as a professional artist. This alone is so valuable because having the right studio set up can be the different between painting 1 painting a month and 8 paintings a month. 

Do you offer a certificate upon graduation?

Yes! We offer a certificate. You will have the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Mastery personally signed by both Elli and Dimitra Milan.

You can apply for your certificate by submitting your completed website which should display a minimum of 25 pieces (including sold pieces) from your portfolio, representing a cohesive body of work in your style. This certificate is a symbol of your high achievement and perseverance throughout the Mastery Program and signifies you are now a professional artist.

Are all artists who graduate successful?

Many of the graduates from this program are experiencing great success and selling their work consistently. We have found that all the graduates who continue to paint consistently (40 hours per week) and are dedicated to promoting their branded, sellable work are having success. The students who graduate and have not applied what they have learned towards a career are not experiencing the success that they have the potential for. This program is incredible and will prepare you for a lucrative career, but only if you work hard and follow through.

What happens when registration closes?

When registration closes, you can join the waitlist and sign up during the next period of registration. 

Pricing & Payment

How does Payment work?

For the 12-monthly payment option, you will be charged $200 for the first month when you register. For each of the following 11 months, you will be charged $200 on the same day of the month that you registered for the program. After you have paid the last payment, you will be granted lifetime access to the program

For the Pay in Full option, you will be charged $2,040 when you register. With this option, you receive a $360 discount and immediate lifetime access to the entire program.

We offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days after purchase. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

What if I stop paying and don't complete all 12 payments?

If you stop paying, you will lose access to the program. If you later decide to continue the program, you should contact customer service at to start paying again and pick up where you left off. You can reactivate from where you left off only one time. However, we recommend you complete the entire program in a 12-month period to achieve the best results.


What is the pace of the program?

The Mastery Program is designed to take one year (52 weeks of content and 1 week for orientation in the beginning). Orientation begins 1 week before lessons begin allowing you time to buy art supplies and prepare your workspace. When the program begins, lessons will be sent to you based on the payment plan you chose.

Paid in Full — You’ll have access to the whole program right away.

12-month Plan — You will receive 1-3 hours of art lessons each week.

How much time per week is required to take the Mastery Program?

We recommend that you set aside 20 hours each week dedicated to learning and painting. Each week there will be 1-3 hours of video content to review and 15-20 hours of assignments and exercises. There are periodic breaks strategically built into the program to help you keep on target with your work.

From our experience, this is what it takes to become a professional artist.

What if I don't paint 20 hours per week?

We understand that sometimes circumstances can prevent you from consistently painting 20 hours a week. This is why we offer lifetime access to the content for FREE. It allows you to truly learn at your own pace. However, a successful art career will only happen with hard work. 

Once you have launched your business, you will need to paint 40 hours per week on a regular basis. It’s a full-time commitment. The program requires 20 hours while you are learning and working toward starting your business.

Are there designated class times?

There are no designated class times. This program is designed for the convenience of your schedule during the day. 

Although this program is created for you to follow at your own pace, we recommend that you not skip ahead of the lessons. Each week you will receive 1-3 hours of new content and these are meant to be learned in order.

Can I take just part of the program? (Eg. Marketing Section)

We do not offer only marketing or any other part by itself. We designed the entire program to give every artist exactly what they need to become a professional artist. Our marketing course can only really be understood and implemented if you have gone through our voice section of the program. Our voice section can only be accomplished if you have learned mixed media and have been exposed to a variety of different techniques and you can only learn to truly express yourself with contemporary techniques if you have a foundation in classical training. You will get all of this in our one-year program

What can I expect once I complete the program?

You will have the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Mastery personally signed by both Elli and Dimitra Milan. You can apply for your certificate by submitting your completed website which should display a minimum of 25 pieces (including sold pieces).

If you apply all of the knowledge you learn throughout the program and paint consistently 40 hours a week, you can expect a successful career in art and the financial rewards that follow. If you have a passion for what you have experienced in the Mastery Program and have received your Certificate of Mastery, you can apply for a mentoring position by emailing us at

When do classes start?

Once you make your first payment for the course, you'll have access to the first month's lessons and the orientation lessons. Every month after, you'll receive access to the next month's content once your payment has gone through. 

If you've paid in full, you'll receive access to the entire course immediately.

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