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Composition Strategies for Harmony and Beauty in Your Art

"Composition Mastery: How to Nail a Dynamic Composition Every Time" 
Wednesday, March 6, 2024
LIVE 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM EST (US)

What You Get:

  • 90-Minute Online Workshop with Access to the Replay

  • Professional Artists Elli and Dimitra Milan as Your Instructors

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What You Will Learn

Exciting Composition

Learn to form interesting edges, colors, and motion that draw your viewer’s eye around the canvas and add life to your art

Master Space

Discover how to integrate your subject with the background and fill up space so your composition is pleasing without fail

Simple Rules

See easy ways to master chiaroscuro, the rule of thirds, and the golden ratio so you quickly recognize errors in your composition

Clean Masterpieces

Never create “busy” art again, you'll learn to organize subjects in your painting so it’s harmonious and captivating

A Note From Your Instructor


Hey Artist,

Wish you could create dynamic, pleasing composition in your art every time—without making mistakes?

Whether you are a beginner artist or professional this workshop will transform your artistic process.

My name is Elli Milan. I'm your instructor, and I've been a professional artist for three decades.

After selling over 10,000 paintings, I've learned what makes artwork mesmerizing...

It's all about your composition.

Every artist must master their negative space, focal point, and other elements that make art exciting without looking busy.

In this class, my daughter and world-class artist Dimitra Milan will also share her strategies to create a balanced piece every time.

After teaching thousands of artists these rules, we know how to make them simple (and even the best way to break them).

This class is everything you EVER wondered about composition!

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Our Student's Work

Examples of our student's artwork.

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With This Workshop, You’ll Receive:
  • Professional Skills to Master Dynamic Composition in this 90-Minute Workshop

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  • Step-By-Step Lessons from Seasoned Artists Elli and Dimitra Milan

This workshop is one of the most crucial steps you’ll take in your art journey this week.

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