Master Techniques with Oil Pastels to Create Brilliant Fine Art

"Oil Pastels Reimagined" 
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A Note From Your Instructor


Hey Artist,

Have you ever learned techniques to create mind-blowing paintings with oil pastels?

Whether you're a new artist or a professional, this class will level up your art forever.

My name is Dimitra Milan. I've been a professional artist since I was 16.

I spent years searching for techniques to create brilliant fine art with pastels—while feeling free and intuitive with my brush.

In this Masterclass, I show you start-to-finish how to paint your own pastel masterpiece as a dreamy landscape.

You’ll learn how to blend and layer for vibrant color, work on dark backgrounds, and even mix oil paint with oil pastels.

You'll also get to experience the joy of finding your unique style with this new medium.

Let me teach you every oil pastel trick I've mastered to make your paintings tell a heart-stopping, compelling story.

See you there!

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Our Student's Work

Examples of our student's artwork.

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What You Will Learn

Oil Pastel Magic

Master pastel techniques such as blending, mark making, and layering to add emotion and depth to your artwork

Loose Brushwork

Find your confidence with pastels so you can create loose-feeling masterpieces without overthinking

Dreamy Landscapes

Walk away with a mystifying landscape painting filled with vibrant colors from a limitless palette

Artistic Voice

Explore diverse styles, such as impressionism and abstract, to discover YOUR artistic voice and express your heart

With the purchase of this Masterclass, you’ll receive:
  • Professional Skills to Paint Masterpieces with Oil Pastels in this 3-Hour Masterclass 

  • Watch On-Demand from Anywhere, on Any Device with Lifetime Access

  • Step-By-Step Lessons from World-Class Artist Dimitra Milan

  • Launch Your Art Career into Success with 2 Amazing Bonuses

    • FREE 30-Day Social Posting Plan to help you grow your audience

    • FREE 90 Minute Workshop "How to Start Your Art Print Business"

This Masterclass is hands-down the most valuable step you’ll take in your art career this week. Start learning today!

Only $10 with Lifetime Access

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