Effortlessly Paint Stunning Acrylic Art with Expert Techniques

"Acrylic Painting Made Easy" 
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Product-Acrylic Painting Made Easy

What You Get

  • 3-Hour Online Masterclass with Lifetime Access

  • Renowned Artist Elli Milan as Your Instructor

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What You Will Learn

Acrylic Techniques

Master the skill of creating realistic art by layering paint and using washes, transparent glaze, and more

Color Mixing

See how to build a beautiful palette that matches every time, never get muddy colors again, and how much water to use

Brush Mastery

Learn to choose and use the best brushes so that your artwork looks professional and it's easy to blend paint

Professional Art

Discover how to create stirring atmosphere, add highlights, use diverse mediums, and varnish your painting

Only $14 with Lifetime Access

A Note From Your Instructor


Hey Artist,

Do you wish you could create brilliant acrylic paintings in just hours—instead of days?

Whether you are a new artist or self-taught, this Masterclass will take your paintings to the next level.

My name is Elli Milan. In this class, I'll be teaching you the same process I've taught thousands of students to master acrylics.

During my career of three decades, I perfected a painting process that's fun and effortless. 

You'll learn professional techniques such as working in layers, painting from background to foreground, and how to match colors.

If you think acrylics dry too fast or are difficult to blend… I'll show you my favorite tricks.

This lesson will help you pull off a beautiful, realistic painting (in just a few hours).

Your artistic journey starts with this class.

I'll see you there!
Elli signature

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Our Student's Work

Examples of our student's artwork.
With the purchase of this Masterclass, you’ll receive:
  • Professional Skills to Create Lifelike Acrylic Paintings in this 3-Hour Masterclass
  • Watch On-Demand from Anywhere, on Any Device with Lifetime Access
  • Guided Lesson from Inspiring Artist Elli Milan
  • Launch Your Art Career into Success with 2 Amazing Bonuses
    • FREE 30-Day Social Posting Plan to help you grow your audience
    • FREE eBook "How to Create Authentic Art that Sells"

This Masterclass is the gateway to your incredible artistic journey. You won’t want to miss it!

Only $14 with Lifetime Access

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