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Create Your Artistic Breakthrough with This Technique

"Acrylics Remastered"
Lifetime Access    3-Hour Masterclass
Product-Acrylics Remastered
What You Get:
  • 3-Hour Online Masterclass with Lifetime Access

  • Accomplished Artists Elli & Dimitra Milan as Your Instructors

  • Watch On-Demand from Anywhere, on Any Device

Plus FREE Bonus Material:
  • FREE 30-Day Social Posting Plan to help you grow your audience

  • FREE 90-Minute Workshop "How to Start Your Art Print Business"

Only $10 with Lifetime Access


What You Will Learn

Beautify Acrylics

Learn to create an underpainting in acrylic and finish in oil for breathtaking art that leaps from your canvas

Unique Techniques

See how to layer properly, make form with brushwork and opaques, work wet on wet, and other skills to unlock your style

Captivate Collectors

Master a new method of painting that flows effortlessly and turns out beautifully so that your art sells faster 

Easy Learning

Paint along with our seasoned instructors and discover tricks for avoiding “muddy” oils or acrylics that look plasticky 

A Note From Your Instructors


Hey Artist,

Ever heard you can’t combine acrylics with oils—or that painting with oils is muddy, messy, and even toxic?

You’re about to discover a technique that will elevate your paintings forever.

My name is Elli Milan, and I’ve been a professional artist for three decades.

I’m also the founding owner of Milan Art Institute.

In this class, I will teach you the skill that empowered me to sell over 10,000 paintings in my career.

Learn how to effortlessly layer oil on top of acrylic—plus professional skills you won’t learn anywhere else.

My daughter and renowned artist Dimitra Milan will be teaching you step-by-step too.

Dimitra has pioneered a breathtaking artistic style and sold millions of dollars worth of work.

Mastering this technique will open up endless possibilities and even help you establish the tone of your work.

This class is a huge step in painting the most sellable, stirring art of your life.

I’ll see you there!

Elli signature

Our Student's Work

Examples of our student's artwork after completing this Masterclass.

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Want to paint along with our instructor?

We've prepared a list of supplies to get you started.

At a minimum, you will need a set of acrylic and oil paints. If you are new to oils, or only have a limited amount, then only purchase transparent colors of at least red, yellow, and blue, and one white.

Acrylic Paints:

Transparent colors for washes and glazing:

  • Alizarin Crimson

  • Indian Yellow

  • Ultramarine Blue

  • Phthalo Blue,

  • Dioxazine Purple

  • Viridian or Phthalo Green

  • White

Add any other colors or substitute transparent color for any other similar transparent.

Add any other opaque colors of your choice.

Oil Paints & Mediums:


  • Non-toxic solvents: Soythin or Citrasolve, Zest

  • Glazing medium: Alkyd, Liquin, or Linseed Oil

Oil colors:
  • Transparent Red:

    • Pyrelene, Alizarin, Quinacridone Red

  • Transparent Blue:

    • Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue or Phthalo Blue

  • Transparent Yellow:

    • Indian Yellow or Hansa yellow,

  • Titanium White

  • Add any other transparent oils

  • Add any opaque oils

A variety of brushes of your choice

Your Instructors for This Class


Elli Milan

Founding Owner, Instructor

Elli is the founding owner of Milan Art Institute. For the past 25 years, she has sold her artwork professionally and has sold over 10,000 pieces throughout her career. She has also transformed the lives of thousands of artists from all over the world by helping them find their voice and turn their passion for art into a profession. With her online drawing and painting classes, Elli is a leading voice of the current Art Renaissance.


Dimitra Milan

Professional Artist, Instructor

Dimitra generated over a million dollars of artwork sales by the age of 15. After growing up with professional artists as parents, Dimitra found herself drawn to the transformative power of painting. Dimitra is pioneering a new age of artist influencers on social media, spreading beauty across the entire planet. She is co-owner at Milan Art Institute and passionate about equipping artists to change the world with their art.

Included with your purchase:
  • Professional Skills to Create Oil over Acrylic Paintings in This 3-Hour Masterclass

  • Watch On-Demand from Anywhere, on Any Device with Lifetime Access

  • Step-By-Step Lessons from Inspiring Artists Elli & Dimitra Milan

  • Launch Your Art Career into Success with 2 Amazing Bonuses

    • FREE 30-Day Social Posting Plan to help you grow your audience

    • FREE 90-Minute Workshop "How to Start Your Art Print Business"

This Masterclass is the most transformative action you’ll take in your art career this week. Start learning today!

Only $10 with Lifetime Access

About Milan Art Institute

Shine Your Art.
Change The World.

Founded in 2008, the Milan Art Institute is the hub of a growing art revolution. Our Institute provides community, inspiration, and education to students all over the world. Our Mastery Program has taught and helped over 5,000 students launch thriving art careers. The Milan Art Institute teaches oil painting, drawing, and mixed media techniques through our immersive learning process. From novice to professional, we help artists pursue their passion and turn it into a profitable career.

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